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Amara Raja Batteries Ltd introduced VRLA-the next generation battery technology in India in 1993. With Johnson Control Inc, one of world’s largest battery manufacturers as equity partner (26%), Amara Raja has set up a 250 acres spread state of art manufacturing facility at Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. With two decades of experience in Indian back up power solution industry, Amara Raja enjoys a dominant market share in standby batteries across various sectors like Telecom, Railways and Power Generating stations in India. One of the fastest growing companies in its segment, Amara Raja has grown at CAGR of 37% in last 10 years and 22% in last 5 years. Amara Raja’s Battery Excellence Center is another first for India. Amara Raja Batteries Ltd is committed towards latest generation technologies by developing and manufacturing globally competitive, customer focused products of world class quality.

Amaron Quanta
It is a Product of world class battery technology produced and tested in Amara Raja’s premier VRLA manufacturing facility, supported by technology expertise from alliance partner Johnson Control Inc. A market leader in just 10 years, Amaron Quanta is a preferred 12V VRLA SMF battery brand by most of India’s reputed UPS manufacturers and customers across various segments like Banks, IT Companies, BPOs, Industries, Government Departments, Hospital, and Education Institutes etc.

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