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Amararaja Johnson Controls presents one-of-its-kind UPS battery, the Amaron Quanta SMF VRLA long life UPS Battery. It is unique amongst other batteries for providing back-up for a back-up. Unlike any SMF battery brands in India, Amaron Quanta’s AGM batteries are backed up by the world-renowned JCI technology which facilitates in efficiently taking care of power backup requirements. Since our nascent inception we have grown leaps and bounds and are currently India’s leader in VRLA batteries. With India’s increasing urbanization and economic development in the past decade, the power requirement and consumption has touched unprecedented levels. This percolates in the proliferation of SMF batteries as the premier back-up battery in India.

We manufacture and market India’s best selling 2V maintenance free VRLA batteries for industrial (such as telecom, railways, power, oil & gas, UPS etc.) purposes & 12V VRLA batteries, also known as 12V Mono block batteries or 12V SLA batteries for both UPS and inverter applications which are useful for all industrial as well as personal use.  

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